Stacey Georges

St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Executive Director

Community Outreach Specialist, Stacey Georges has been inspiring children to embrace and express their creativity in dynamic ways and gain a love and deep appreciation for nature and our environment for over 18 years. She comes to SLTRC with a BS in Education as well as an MAT and an MA in Education and Innovation with a Certificate for Education for Global Sustainability. Stacey is dedicated to bringing her experience with the constructivist approach, her belief in mindfulness practices, her focused child-centered drive, her knowledge and application of experiential learning, and her outside-the-box way of thinking to all that she does and who she interacts with on behalf of SLTRC.

Margie Hoeing

Lemay Recycle Center, Manager

After 29 years of teaching I discovered the St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center. I became a volunteer helping to sort donations and jar up beads and other loose items. I am now the Center Manager of the Lemay Center. It is fun to get donations and go through them finding all the treasures that people have so generously passed on to us. I have been a recycler for most of my life, not always finding new ways to use what I’ve saved. I have found that the Center is the perfect way to bring items, which we don’t know how to reuse, together with people who do know how to use them.

Susan Blandford

SLTRC Consultant and Play Coach

Susan M Blandford has helped young children access and express their creative spirit since the 1980’s. Formal training in Early Childhood education, includes ISAE Master Play Coach, the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, the constructivist approach to the art of play. As the founder of the St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center (SLTRC), Susan brings together her experience and involvement in child-centered experiential art and play, the study of early childhood development, and environmentally-conscious business practices.

Anna Liescheidt

Chesterfield Recycle Center, Manager

Volunteer work is important to me and for about four years I volunteered at the Humane Society and am pleased to once again be working at a nonprofit organization. Art has always been a big part of my life. I’ve become particularly fond of flame working which I have been doing for many years. Flame working is the melting of glass with a torch to make beads, pendants, and small sculptures. I feel privileged to be manager of our Chesterfield Center location and am happy to be in an environment that promotes and embraces artistic expression with the well-being of our planet in mind.

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