Clean Reusable Materials after Friday November 6,  2020 |  9 -11am

Then everyday Monday – Saturday  9-11:00 for Donations by appointment (With a 24 hour notice)
Once your appointment has been scheduled you will receive information on drop off location at Chesterfield Mall

Recycle Center Open to shop by paid appointment only Monday thru Sunday 11-6pm

Phone: 636-227-7095


These items have been requested or we have in short supply.

  • Art Supplies
  • Boarders and posters in    new condition only
  • Board Games in new condition.  No electronic games
  • Buttons, Beads (these have been requested)
  • Colored pencils, markers and pencils- full length/working
  • Embroidery hoops (these have been requested)
  • Small glass jars with lids no labels)
  • Glue, tape, erasers
  • Mint Tins (these have been requested)
  • Oatmeal round cardboard containers (These have been requested)
  • Thread and or empty spools
  • Sewing needles
  • Staplers
  • Volunteers needed
  • (Teens & Senior Citizens w/masks Welcomed)
  • Social Media, Sorting, Cleaning & Organizing
  • Yarn please only full skeins (Requested)
  • White Boards

We will take 15 donations per month. We are asking for things to be organized and clean.  A new list will be shared each Month.
Have something not on our list? Email us and we will let you know if we can ReUse.

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