SLTRC Reuse Champions
SLTRC, is independent is run by a small committed group of staff, many of which are often volunteers.  With SLTRC is busier than ever and needs more volunteers to get involved. so we are launching our SLTRC Reuse Champion recruitment campaign.

What is a SLTRC Reuse Champion?
  • A SLTRC Reuse Champion’ is a volunteer who gives their time, enthusiasm and energy to a help in the running or promotion of a SLTRC.
  • SLTRC Reuse Champion’s activities are not just confined to being in a SLTRC center and there is no minimum amount of time required.
  • Promoting or donating to SLTRC are in themselves important ways to be a SLTRCs Reuse Champion.
How to get involved?
  • Sign up your work place to sort and donate scrap resources to your local SLTRC
  • Promote SLTRC through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media
  • Help us with fundraising
  • Be a speaker, promoting SLTRC to local groups
  • Write a press release or short article to include in local press
  • Recruit more volunteers, especially those interested in art, craft, play or reuse
What’s in it for you, why volunteer?  
SLTRC are friendly lively places with lots going on, particularly when people are enthused about their forthcoming events or creative inspirations.
  • SLTRC makes an invaluable contribution diverting waste and preventing the needless use of natural resources. As a SLTRC Reuse Champion you can help protect the environment by educating and supporting other people to waste less.
  • Whether you’re passionate about play, art or reuse you will have a wonderfully positive creative environment within which to flourish.
  • If you’re unemployed; volunteering can be a great way to increase or refresh your skills and confidence which could make you more attractive to potential employers.
Once you are in contact with your local SLTRC you can discuss your potential reuse activities and availability.

Over the coming months we will promoting specific volunteering case studies so do come back and visit us soon.
St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc Reuse Champion roles:
  • Board Members: Help maintain efficiency and effectiveness of SLTRC resources
  • Drivers: collect donations of scrap from businesses
  • Driver assistants: help with directions, load and unload the van
  • Stocker/merchandiser: ensure containers are topped up and look nice
  • Stockroom assistant: put away the newly acquired scrap and find stock to refill
  • Receptionist: answers phones, checks memberships and welcomes visitors
  • Workshop facilitator: utilizes the individual skills – TBD
  • Membership assistant: help with data entry
  • Administrator: who can do typing, bookkeeping, filing or help with websites and social media
  • Play Studio Assistant:  Open Studio and private events
  • SLTRC is unique so there will be roles that are not listed here
Interested in volunteering? Send us a quick message, and we’ll get back to you soon.