Help us Put our Mission into Action

St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center (SLTRC) has been serving St. Louis teachers and students and keeping usable materials out of landfills since 1993, 

Your support and donations help us put our mission into action by:

  • Operating, supporting, and promoting use of our Reusable Resources Center in St. Louis, for the collection and distribution of the materials used in motivating creative learning.
  • Inspiring and assisting businesses, locally and nationally, in the disposal of unwanted materials in an environmentally-responsible manner.
  • Asserting the well-researched but little known importance of creative process over product, guided experience over result, and experience of potential versus conformity in the childhood expression of art;
  • Providing training and other development services, locally and nationally, for teachers, parents, child care providers, artists, youth of all ages, and the community at large, in the creative use of discarded resources for teaching, learning, and experiencing art, science, language, and math;
  • Traveling to schools, childcare centers, and other venues to deliver developmentally-appropriate workshops allowing children to explore and reflect on the creative process through experiential art

Our People

  • Our people are vital to our organization!
  • Energetic talent is needed for enhanced hours for our Centers.
  • Competitive salaries help keep our Centers open for hours that meet the challenging needs of teachers.
  • Competitive salaries help provide training to teachers and open-ended art/play experiences for kids.
  • Competitive salaries help provide summer camp outreach for kids like at the St. Louis Public Library [link to website]
  • Competitive salaries for an Executive Director, Center Directors, Community Outreach, Warehouse Assistant, Development Director, and Educator / Presenter / Trainer Consultants help provide sustainability for the organization. Please ask us for full job descriptions to learn more about this need!

Sponsoring our talent will get you listed on our website and Facebook and on all promotional materials and press releases.

Fundraisers For Classrooms

  • Play Kit free STEM and STEAM program materials
  • Pound Passes free hands on reusable resources
  • Play Passes free professional development or creative art making experiences

Operational Expenses/Location Stability

  • Our organization has on-going daily needs that we must meet to allow us to keep the doors open.
  • Expenses include insurance, utilities, internet, Covid Preventive Procedures. 
  • This allows us to keep the lights on, promote our organization online, answer the phones, deliver materials and training to schools, community events, and so much more.
  • These expenses aren’t glamorous but they are vital to our organization!
  • Rent helps provide sustainability and stability for the organization.
  • Rent helps us provide very low service fees for educators.
  • We have served the Greater St Louis Area and Beyond for 29 years!


  • VanGO helps us to provide community outreach and workshops to schools, libraries, community events, and organizations.
  • We take VanGO to community events like Recycling Extravaganza, Earth Day Chesterfield, Earth Day St. Louis, and Girl/Boy Scout Camp and per request
  • We are available for Corporate Events (Team Building, Family Day and Strategic Planning)
    • Gas, insurance and maintenance for VanGO.

Sponsoring we will acknowledge and list you on our website and Facebook, as well as, on all promotional materials and press releases.