Dear Friends of the St Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center:
One thing that last year taught us is that left to our own devices, our creativity and imagination can take us anywhere. Whether we became substitute teachers, entertained children stuck at home or looked for new ways to relieve everyday stress, we became masters of our creative destiny and in some cases, uncover talents we never knew we had.
With the dawning of a New Year and the unknown challenges facing us, we continue to dream, to create and to journey beyond our comfort zones to build hope for a brighter tomorrow.
As we made the most out of the year that was, we discovered that the children who visit our Play Studio and the parents that care for them were simply looking to bridge the unknown, to a place of comfort and fascination and open minds to explore new territory.
The Bridges of Hope Project at SLTRC is just the tool needed to embark on new places to take the mind of a child (or a child at heart). The possibilities are endless and the destination The Bridges of Hope Project will take you are just what every person needs in these uncertain times.
The bridges start with a wooden ruler and 3 wine corks. These resources supply each builder with a bridge. Where the bridge takes you is up to you. Don’t follow the path, go where there is no path and build a bridge.
We are encouraging you to use recyclable materials and complete your bridge. Take a picture, send it back to us and let us know where your bridge took you. Your inspiration and creativity will guide you on your way. We are here to cheer you on as you cross your bridge to someplace special. Bon Voyage!!!!
Let The Bridges of Hope Project inspire you and make 2021 a year of endless possibilities. If you build it, it will lead you. see below

Both the Recycle Center and Play Studio
Open by appointment only
Limited to
4 in Center
8 in Studio

SLTRC Play Studio Presents
January 15 & February 15 2021
The Bridges of Hope Project

Make at Home or School
$5.00 per set of 10
Parts for 10 bridges
Curbside pickup available
Make at Play Studio
One hour $7.50 per person
One Bridge plus materials
Make at Recycle Center
$5.00 Visit Fee
One Bridge
And pick up sets of 10 during your visit $5.00 each


Our Volunteers are
very busy making
Your Studio/Center Bridges

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