Since 1992, the St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Centers have gathered creative materials from local business and industry that are landfill-bound and makes them available to teachers, parents and youth groups.  The excitement from teachers has spread throughout the region and the demand for a traveling recycle center became apparent.

In 2015, the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District funded the St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Centers to purchase vans to help deal with the delivery of creative materials and reusable resources directly to schools, youth programs and area educational events.

Our traveling resource centers are typically sponsored by schools or corporations and are often found at community events, teachers’ conference, and other programs, providing a walk-on traveling reading or resource center ready to fill bags with “unburied treasures.”

Some of our amazing sponsors

PNC Grow Up Great
Mind Full of Words
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Century Credit Union
Fair U City
St. Louis Earth Day
STEM Education Coalition
Archdiocese of St. Louis